Cheese Journeys is a boutique cheese-centric travel agency, with destinations ranging from the iconic Jura and Savoie in France, to the up-and-coming international food destination Oregon.

With Anna Juhl and her expert guest educators you can stay in French châteaux or simply enjoy a craft beer in Oregonian gastro pubs. Cheese Journeys brings together food aficionados who enjoy life.

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The Journeys

Join a global community of cheese and wine lovers from over 40 different countries in all four corners of the world.

Max McCalman's Cheese & Wine Pairing App brings the successful swatchbook to the digital age and into users' pockets when they most need it.

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Max McCalman travels the States and more, to educate wordly bon vivants on the art of cheese & wine. Stay informed and in the know by checking out the events in the calendar.

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