The most passionate and knowledgable cheese master in America.
— Éric Ripert
When I first met Max at Picholine restaurant, I recognized his great passion for cheese at once. He has combined this passion with a serious and extraordinary sense of the ceremony of cheese, and in doing so has taken cheese to another dimension for New York diners and now for his readers.
— Alain Sailhac
During the last eight years, Max has led numerous cheese seminars for the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin while I was the minister of education. All seminars were very well received, and some have asked for encore performances. It is no surprise because Max is an excellent speaker, and knows how to lead people through the complex world of cheese with ease. I can only say that knowing Max has been an enlightening experience, and I look forward to many more years of spreading the curd with him.
— Kevin B. Hill
I worked with Max McCalman on an European cheese appellation and had an excellent experience. He has the knowledge, pace and savoir faire needed for the presentation to media, opinion leaders and influencers of the food industry.
— Michael R. Matila
He inspired me to open my own cheese shop!
— Tonda Corrente
We’re big fans and I speak for the masses we have at our party each year when I say this. I am not sure how many years we’ve been doing this now, but so grateful from the beginning that Max was enthusiastic about being part of our annual holiday party. Doing in-home events wasn’t the norm back then, but it couldn’t have worked out better. He is the consummate professional and his team is terrific. I can’t imagine what we would do without him. I think many of the friends we have would stop coming!
— Kristofer Kraus
When you say cheese, I say Max!
If he can’t pair it, nobody can!
— Tim Keating
A cheese legend.
— Cathy Strange
Wine-themed dinners have become a little too common and I wanted to try something a little different. I am a huge fan of cheese and was referred to Max by a very respected local restaurant. I was not disappointed. Max’s knowledge of the origins, benefits, and flavor profile of many cheeses is unmatched. Add to that his vast knowledge of wines and the pairing of wines, cheese, and dinner courses and you have the makings of a fun, informative and delicious event. Clients cannot stop talking about our most recent event, and we will be planning several more in the years to come.
— Robert E. DeForest
Max is a cheese star!
— Mary Quicke