Max McCalman's
Wine & Cheese Pairing Swatchbook

From the foremost master of cheese in the country, Max McCalman, comes a practical twist on wine and cheese pairings that includes detailed information about the history, production and unique flavor of fifty of the world's finest cheeses, as well as the accompanying information about the best wine varietals and vintages to pair them with.

The easy-to-navigate swatchbook format fans out to reveal the ideal wine and cheese match for any occasion.

Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2013


What readers say:

Max McCalman is truly a master! This book is not only packed with delicious information but it motivates me to sample and pair wines and cheeses. He is spot on with his suggestions and makes learning an adventurous experience.
— Neil P.




Mastering Cheese:
Lessons for Connoisseurship from a Maître Fromager

Max McCalman, the foremost master of cheese in the country, introduces a first-of-its-kind master's class to usher the cheese enthusiast to the level of full blown connoisseur. It is the next step after Max's first book, The Cheese Plate, and the perfect pairing with his second book, Cheese: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best.

Winner of the 2011 World Best Book on Cheese Award from Gourmand International at the 16th Annual Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris and designated Finalist for the prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals 2011 Cookbook Awards.

Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2009


What readers say:

This book will take you from knowing almost nothing about cheese to being able to talk cheese with confidence. It’s essentially a Cheese 101 textbook, and no cheese enthusiast should be without it.
— Kia P.



Cheese: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best

An expansive reference on the world's finest cheeses and their wine pairings. It won a 2006 James Beard Foundation Award.

Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2005


What readers say:

This is a coffee table book with gorgeous photographs of cheeses arranged alphabetically. It’s not too wordy, which I appreciate, the function of it seems to be to get you to salivate over the pictures and feel the urge to seek out these uncommon varieties, at which it is very successful!
— Forrest W.



The Cheese Plate

The definitive book for cheese lovers that lays the groundwork for the appreciation of cheese, was nominated for awards by the James Beard Foundation and by the International Association of Cooking Professionals.

Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2002


What readers say:

What I loved about this book is that it takes an in-depth approach to cheese as opposed to the encyclopedia method. From this book you will learn more about how cheese is made, the factors that the raw materials (milk) will effect the quality of the cheese, along with the rather difficult question of wine and cheese parings. The other nice factor is that it is written in such a matter-of-fact way that it is a pleasure to read.
— Tim S.